Fringe Furniture 2020: Bettermorphosis

Fringe Furniture 33, Melbourne Fringe 2019. Photo by Tanya Voltchanskaya

Fringe Furniture 2020 is open now, registration closes Sunday.

“We’ve never needed innovative, game changing, world leading design more than now. It’s time to redesign everything. And we mean everything.

Melbourne’s independent artists and designers are our culture’s leading creative thinkers and ideas generators and we’re turning to you to re-design how our new reality might look.

The world has changed. We’ve spent 2020 focused on taking collective action for the greater good.

What if we all kept that spirit going into the future rather than just reverting back to our old way of working? In this new reality, how might our world be different? How do we make things better than before? How can new design lead our thinking about the changes we want to see in the world? This shift to a new world order is bettermorphosis – what will it look like?

It’s time to look forward and imagine.”

Check out the details here