Urban Scavenger wrap up

urban scavenger

G’day! Thanks to everyone who came down last weekend to check out Urban Scavenger at Eurisko!

Had a great time doing it and some good chats with people. The novelty of having a couch strung up on a large meathook in the Meatmarket seemed to be a bit of a winner too.

Big thanks to Paul, James, Ammon, Michelle and the rest of the team for getting Eurisko up and happening. And special thanks to Imran and Noah for helping me do the dreaded set up and pack down. Turned out to be quite painless in the end…

In the spirit of Eurisko (learning by doing fyi) US was my first time doing a solo installation. So it meant I ran out of time to actually make anything from the couch… However all the parts are now at my workshop and I’ll be creating some pieces from them over the next few weeks…

Keep an eye out here for more details if you’re keen to see what transpires.

US was intended to be the first in a series of design experiments to test out some ideas I’m hoping to develop further. So if you’re interested to find out what this will be (I’m quite keen to find out…) sign up for updates (bottom of the page)

Catch ya’s later,