Eurisko Melbourne, this weekend!

copy-EuMel13_Full_trans_64D_V2-1From DESIS mailing list:

Saturday/Sunday 2-3 November 2013, Arts House Meat Market, North Melbourne

If you’re looking to find an alternative to the race-season fever of cup weekend, Eurisko might just be your answer….

Eurisko is a community celebration of discovering by doing: it’s a 2-day meetup, in the amazing Arts House Meat Market. It’s for anyone passionate about hands-on (DIY) Do It Yourself and Do It With Others (DIWO) experiential learning.

Over the course of this two-day event, you can learn about making: DIY 3D printing, yarn bombing, space exploration, instrument making, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots, music making, wearable electronics, sustainable systems, electric vehicles and more. The event will help you to get connected and get you hands-on with your own projects too.

Eurisko is from the ancient Greek and means “discover by doing”, and the event is a glorious celebration of the enjoyment of DIY: A wonderful exploration of inventiveness, skill and community, daring and sharing.  We’ve curated the event to provide a platform for passionate makers, crafters, hackers, tinkerers, players, sustainability experts and many others to meet each other and share their projects and skills with each other and the public.

Eurisko is something everyone does, every day, throughout their entire lifetime: you might know it as heuristic or experiential learning. These concepts are central to a growing transformation happening globally, a revolution in the form of ‘knowledge activism’ as people reconsider how we make, use and share things.

In addition to the enjoyment and satisfaction of it, a lot of what drives makers and other heuristic learners are fundamental philosophies and principles.  Sharing knowledge openly, the hacker and maker movements, and the community workspaces they create to support their communities are part of the foundation of this change.  So too is the growing global focus on sustainable living and collaborative consumption.

Event passes are available on a pre-booking basis, which gives participants a multiple-entry passport to the event: come and go as you please over the two days.   General admission is $10, concession/ student: $5, family is $20 and children under 12 are free.

If that sounds interesting to you come along!:

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