Scenes on the Yarra: Warrandyte, this Sunday!

SOTY Warrandyte

Credit: Jeminah Alli Reidy

This Sunday is the third installment of ‘Scenes on the Yarra’, a site specific performance series curated by scenographer Jeminah Alli Reidy.

This time round the river is flowing into Warrandyte.

I went along as part of the crowd for the first in Warburton, was entranced and became part of the performance in Yarra Glen and will be stepping back into the crowd for Warrandyte.

It’s hard to describe what to expect. This is partly due to Jem’s ability to corral a diverse group of artists of various stripes together for each performance. She strikes a great balance of leading the artists through a series of speakers, workshops and experiences carefully thought out from months of prior research around the site. This provides more then enough stimulus for the artists to react to in their own way. I think part of the magic of the performances comes from relative creative freedom the artists are given and encouraged to explore during the week leading up to the performance. I found Jem’s ability to guide but not contain quite liberating, which allows you to push your creative practice beyond your usual routine.

So I can’t say what you’re in for this Sunday, but I highly encourage you to get on down and check it out for yourself.

The site is accessable by car or PT (there’s buses…), and there is also a bus with limited spots available, leaving from Clifton Hill.

See the facebook event page for further detaiis and see you there!