Maker Machine: The Mobile Makerspace on Pozible

Maker Machine is a a mobile maker space that brings 21st century tools such as 3D printing and robotics to schools and clubs across Australia.


Maker Machine is the realisation of the dream of Melbourne-based industrial designers, Jethro and Sam, where subjects such as art, maths and science are brought together in fun, hands-on workshops.

In the Maker Machine workshops children sketch ideas that come to life as robotic creatures.

They have been running workshops at schools around Melbourne, showcasing the potential of 3D printing and robotics to school kids. They are currently running a Pozible campaign to raise some cash to take their workshop around Australia. Their aim is to bring these exciting new technologies and the joy of making into schools and communities that don’t have the resources available to them.

I think this is a really cool idea, so if you think similar, check out the Pozible page for more details or send it onto a teacher who might be keen.

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