Scenes on the Yarra performance- Next Sunday 14-4-13

Scenes on the Yarra, 14-4-13jpeg

I’ve been invited to be part of the next Scenes on the Yarra performance at Yarra Flats Billabong. Scenes on the Yarra is an inter-disciplinary walking performance series that takes the  audience on a journey through the land and waters around the Yarra River. Each site has its own history, personalities, moods and soul that are explored in each performance. The series is being produced by scenographer, Jeminah Alli Reidy and supported by Melbourne Water and Yarra Ranges Council.

The last performance was held at Warburton. I went along with a few friends and it was an amazing experience to walk along the river and witness the dream like scenes that had been developed the week prior in response to the surrounds. So I’m pretty excited to be part of this one. I’ll be creating some large sculptural pieces for the performance. Should be interesting…

So if you’re free next Sunday and feel like a drive to the country, come along and check it out.