Upcoming class at Laneway Learning: Furniture restoration

Coming up at the end of June, I’ll be running a class for Laneway Learning at the Little Mule Cycle Company & Cafe. Bookings opened yesterday and it’s already sold out!

But what’s Laneway Learning?

Laneway Learning is the name for a ragtag series of evening classes held in a (laneway) cafe in Melbourne, Australia.
Our classes are probably unlike any others you have been to. They are super cheap ($12), super informal and are taught by ordinary people from the local community; florists teach about flowers, scientists about science and bookworms about books.

For the class I’ll be covering the basics of how to bring an old piece of furniture back from the brink and breathe new life into it. If you’re one the lucky ones to grab a spot, you will even go home with your own wooden heat mat for the kitchen. No set of steak knives but you know….

The techniques taught in class will focus on methods that rely on minimal tools and workshop space that can be completed in almost any space (like a café!) I’ll be drawing upon the skills I’ve learnt from rustic furniture maker and restorer, Neel Dey.