DESIS Melbourne Symposium 2012, March 1-2

The symposium will have a mix of speakers from the community services, social innovation and design sectors, but the main focus will be on the open exchange of ideas between participants in the aim of building relationships.

By the end of the two days we aim to have a clearer idea of how the Melbourne DESIS hub will operate, who will be involved and the activities members could collaborate on in the future. Along the way, we hope to explore some of the questions about the emerging model of ‘social’ design, especially how designers can form equal partnerships with ordinary people to facilitate meaningful outcomes.

Encouraging interaction and collaboration between Victorian design schools is also a goal, the international DESIS initiative being committed to the idea of introducing design students to models of design— such as Inclusive Design, Universal Design, Human-centred Design, Co-Design, Participatory Design and to some extent, Service Design —most likely to support social innovation.

DESIS melbourne flyer

DESIS Melbourne speakers + participants